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An impeccably, well-put together book proposal is your passport to landing the publishing deal of your dreams. It is the calling card you will need in order to get prospective editors to consider your proposed book with acquisition in mind. Unlike fiction works where an author is expected to submit a completed manuscript, nonfiction works are acquired based on a book proposal alone. This is why it is imperative that you create the best proposal you possibly can, even before starting to write the book itself. No self-respecting literary agent will offer you representation without one.

There are certain key elements that a book proposal must have in order to garner attention from literary agents and editors at publishing houses. While some are more important than others, all the ingredients must be incorporated together in the right chronological order for the best possible result. Every book proposal should begin with a well-written Overview which is basically a condensed description of the overall contents of your book. An Overview does not have to be long-winded. One to three pages is an ideal length. Normally, a well thought out and researched Target Audience Statement describing the different demographic groups your book will appeal to should follow the Overview. A Comprehensive Marketing Plan, which is clearly one of the most important aspects of a book proposal, should come next. Since this will be the most looked at section of your proposal, extra time and effort should be put into developing this element. You will want to list everything humanly possible you plan to do to promote and market your book.

The Competitive Analysis is probably the most difficult element to develop. In it, you will want to list and briefly describe books that are similar to yours in theme which are already out in the marketplace and explain how your book is going to be different and better. The elements that should follow are your Author Biography and Chapter by Chapter Outline. In your Author Biography you will want to "toot your own horn" as much as possible by listing all of your professional accomplishments and personal ones too if they are in any way related to the theme of your book. The Chapter Outline is really important because it will give the literary agent or editor a good feel for the overall content of your book. Ideally, you will want to write a paragraph or two description of each and every chapter that will be found in your book. Last but certainly not least, comes the Sample Chapters. Most agents and editors will ask to see 1 to 3 sample chapters. When you put all of these elements together your book proposal should range anywhere between 25 and 100 pages in length, although this has not been written in stone.

A word about your Marketing Platform . . .
The number one reason why non-fiction proposals get turned down by editors and acquisition committees is because the author's marketing platform is not strong enough on a national level. That's right, it all boils down to social/media connections, name recognition, and strong Internet presence. If you want to publish a nonfiction book, then you are going to have to become a "social butterfly" and quickly. Some authors have gotten the wrong impression about what constitutes a strong marketing platform. They honestly believe that all they have to do to establish a platform is do a few interviews here and there, once in a while. Well, I cannot stress enough how much hard work it is for an author to build a platform strong and appealing enough for agents to want to represent them and editors to want to buy their book. Establishing and maintaining a strong marketing platform does not happen overnight. It can prove to be continuous rigorous process that is not for the faint of heart. Building a strong marketing platform is very much like building a home or building. You've got to start with a good foundation and then build the structure day by day, brick by brick until one day you have erected a beautiful structure that others will admire for years to come. So, c'mon what are you waiting for? Start building or accelerating your platform right now with the help of our Ascendant Publishing unit.

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Submission Requirements

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  • Business/Self-Help Authors:
    Book overview, social media statistics, career highlights, target market, and previous media placements (minimally) a full book proposal (preferred)

  • All other non-fiction authors:
    A full book proposal

  • Fiction, Suspense, and Thriller authors
    A completed first draft of the entire manuscript and overview query letter

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