You've developed a top book concept. You are looking for help on finding the best publisher. You've come to the right place to get top representation and the best effort!

Savvy Literary Agency specializes in helping top business, self-help, suspense/thriller writers, and select fiction and non-fiction authors secure the best publishing home. In an over saturated market with over 1 million books being published or self-published a year we are looking for the best ground breaking ideas that will impact specific industries or mass culture. Do you have what it takes to get to the top?

CEO, Leticia Gomez; a published writer herself, has been in publishing for 20 years and built a specialization in helping authors sell their books in both English and Spanish. She is one of the best bilingual agents in the world. Recently, Gomez partnered with top CEO and Executive branding firm Ascendant Group (www.ascendantgroupbranding.com) to offer an even greater level of support to aspiring authors.

In partnership with Ascendant, Savvy Literary now offers not only representation but the opportunity for authors still looking to develop their idea or increase their platform the opportunity to have a professional book proposal developed for them or/and the opportunity to increase their platform via national media, social media, and other vehicles that drive the decisions for so many of the best publishers.

Savvy Literary Agency

A Vertical of Ascendant Group
  • Agency client Dr. Lawanda Gladney "The Emotional Wellness Doctor" signs a deal with Ben Bella Books
  • We are happy to welcome Vice President of The Miami Heat Eve Wright on board as a new client
  • We are happy to welcome "The CEO Couple" Ed and Ellen Schack as a new client

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Submission Requirements

A Vertical of Ascendant Group
  • Business/Self-Help Authors:
    Book overview, social media statistics, career highlights, target market, and previous media placements (minimally) a full book proposal (preferred)

  • All other non-fiction authors:
    A full book proposal

  • Fiction, Suspense, and Thriller authors
    A completed first draft of the entire manuscript and overview query letter

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As you imagine we receive thousands of inquiries and are highly selective.

Our commitment to you is we will do our best to respond within 7 business days

For Project
That Don't Meet Our Requirement Now

For authors that are still developing ideas, need help shaping their ideas into the best shape, or help building a strong platform. If your topic is of interest Ascendant Publishing will help them develop everything they need to have a book that will get picked up.

Who We Offer Immediate Representation To

Authors that have developed a strong book proposal, possess a great platform including national media exposure, and have an idea we believe will impact the world.  They will immediately be offered representation through Savvy Literary.

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